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Discover Yogurt Atoms

A Snack Redefined for Luxury

Indulge in the extraordinary with M5’s Yogurt Atoms, a snack that defies convention. With their great taste and creamy texture, our food curators have used innovative technology to create a unique snack and gift.

Crafted from real Greek-style yoghurt, these bite-sized pieces undergo a space-age transformation through M5’s signature freeze-drying process. As a result, you get all the health benefits of yoghurt in a crunchy, snackable form.

A Snack for the most luxurious palate

Yogurt Atoms aren’t your ordinary snack; they’re the epitome of luxury redefined. Perfectly sized, these exquisite treats are destined to be enjoyed on every occasion. Whether it’s a thoughtful gift, a post-dinner delight, or an elegant addition to corporate events, Yogurt Atoms elevate every experience.

A Flavourful Universe

Embark on a journey through a captivating universe of flavors with our Yogurt Atoms. These bite-sized wonders are the result of a meticulous fusion between real Greek-style yogurt and the essence of nature’s finest fruits. Each flavor encapsulates a unique sensation, offering a taste experience that’s truly out of this world.

Natural Greek Style

Delve into the pure essence of yogurt, as pristine and creamy as it gets. With every bite, you’ll encounter the authentic, unadulterated flavour of yogurt in its truest form. Our greek style yoghurt is super creamy and yet tangy and refreshing, a flavour captured in our Yogurt Atoms.


Experience the vibrant sweetness of real strawberries dancing harmoniously with the yogurt’s lush creaminess. It’s a delightful symphony of fruit and dairy.


Get ready for a deep dive into a sea of rich blueberry goodness. Real blueberries infuse every Atom, delivering bold, fruity notes that tantalize your taste buds


Step into the timeless embrace of vanilla, where the yogurt’s silky texture perfectly complements the warm, aromatic essence of this beloved classic.

These four tantalizing varieties are just the beginning of your flavor exploration. With Yogurt Atoms, every bite is an invitation to savor a different facet of indulgence. Whether you’re a connoisseur of classic tastes or an adventurer seeking new horizons, our diverse range ensures there’s an Atom to suit your palate.

Packaging as Unique as the Atoms

Yogurt Atoms come in captivating packaging that mirrors their uniqueness. Picture recyclable hard foil containers with easy-peel lids, each resembling a UFO. These “atoms” are available in various box sizes, including pyramid-style boxes, gift sets, refill packs, and even a bulk 80-piece pack for enthusiasts.

Endless Ways to Enjoy

The versatility of Yogurt Atoms knows no bounds. Savour them as a satisfying snack, elevate your ice cream with their delightful crunch, or sprinkle them on your morning cereal. Whether it’s a midday indulgence or a post-dinner treat, Yogurt Atoms adds a touch of luxury to every moment.

Health Meets Taste

Yogurt Atoms are unlike any other snack on the market. They retain all the natural health benefits of yogurt, packed with nutrients, proteins, and a creamy texture. What’s more, they don’t require refrigeration, making them a convenient and nutritious choice for any occasion.

Experience Yogurt Atoms for Yourself

Unleash the extraordinary with M5 Yogurt Atoms. Try them for yourself and send the gift of luxury to your loved ones. Elevate every moment, one Atom at a time.

Join us in the world of Yogurt Atoms. Shop now and discover the perfect gift or personal indulgence. Step into a realm where health meets taste, and luxury knows no bounds. Choose Yogurt Atoms – a snack beyond imagination.