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Welcome to www.m5concepts.co.uk By using this website you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions of Sale, the Privacy & Cookie Policy and such other policies we notify you of from time to time, which together constitute the entire agreement between us. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions affects your statutory rights, either as a consumer or otherwise.

These Terms and Conditions of Sale govern the sale of goods by us, M5 Concepts Ltd, to you, the customer, by telephone, email, and via our website at www.m5concepts.co.uk, or other means to our Customer Services and Corporate Gifting teams, and will form the basis of any contract of sale between us. Please read them carefully before placing your order as you will be deemed to be bound by them. Copies of these Terms and Conditions are available on request. Please read them carefully before placing your order and print a copy for future reference.

PLEASE NOTE the use of this website as a guest or registered user, or for browsing shows that you accept the following terms and conditions.

www.m5concepts.co.uk is the only official webpage of M5 Concepts Ltd who are trademarked, owned and operated by:

M5 CONCEPTS LTD, a company registered in England and Wales whose registered address is: International House, 64 Nile St, Hoxton, London N1 7SR. Our company registration number is: 12452346.  Email: office@m5concepts.co.uk  Tel: 02086387045

Terms and Conditions:

1 . Introduction

1.1 Our website is free for all to access, certain areas require registration. The contents of our website are for your general information and use only. It is subject to change at any moment without notice.

1.2 Since these terms are subject to change at any moment and your use of the website indicates agreement we encourage you to periodically review this information as it may change without notice.

2. Pricing

2.1 All our prices include VAT (where applicable) at the current rates as outlined by the UK Government. We reserve the right to show these prices without the inclusion of VAT but we will indicate this or show VAT before an order is placed.

2.2 Where your order incurs additional charges such as for personalisation services or delivery these charges will be clearly shown in our price or pricing structure documentation. This information if needed can be found on our website.

3. Purchasing

3.1 Once you place an order via our online ordering system and checkout you have deemed yourself to be an ordering customer. Before any order is placed you will review the entire order by means of our checkout page, it is up to the customer (you) to confirm all the details and prices, any mistakes in the order by your own wrong ordering will not be deemed our fault. This process mentioned above allows you to review your order and check for your own mistakes. Once the order has been placed we will notify you by email with the order details and the order number. This indicates the order process has begun.

3.2 Once we have taken payment we accept your order and will dispatch it in line with the shipping process agreed upon at checkout. Once the item is dispatched the purchase contract will enter into effect. This is not the case if your order has been cancelled by you or we refuse and cancel your order which we reserve the right to do.

3.3 We do our best to process all orders but we reserve the right to cancel your order without notice if: 1) The goods are no longer available; 2) We cannot process your payment successfully; 3) If there has been a pricing error or product description on our part; 4) If you are deemed to have not met the criteria as set out in terms and conditions for a customer.3.3 We do our best to process all orders but we reserve the right to cancel your order without notice if. 1) the goods are no longer available 2)we cannot process your payment successfully 3) if there has been a pricing error or product description on our part 4) if you are deemed to have not met the criteria as set out in terms and conditions for a customer.

4. Cancellation and Returns Policy

4.1 All our goods come with a 14 day no quibble return policy, this is providing the item is unused and returned in its original packaging complete. If we receive the item and it appears tampered with or already used we reserve the right to refuse the return and thus refrain from offering a refund.

4.2 Customers are liable for all costs of return postage, unless the item is factory faulty, in which case we will arrange the collection. Proof will need to be supplied.

4.3 Once the goods have been received and deemed to meet our criteria for return as laid out above we will refund the appropriate full refund or part refund as requested, the items can also be exchanged for one of the same value or turned into store credit. The refund must be back to the original payment method.

4.4 Any product that has been customised for the customer cannot be returned unless factory faulty (this does not affect your statutory rights).

4.5 To return an item you must: 1) Notify us via email at office@m5concepts.co.uk, quoting your name, order number and reason for return; 2) Return your item to the following address: F.A.O M5 Concepts Ltd, 168 Old Hall Road, Northwich, CW9 8DH. Once the item has been received and checked we will process the return.

4.6 Cancellation – if you wish to cancel an order it must be before the item has been dispatched, to do this please contact customer service via email at office@m5concepts.co.uk where will process your request.

5. License and Content Use

5.1 You are permitted to use print and download content from our website for your personal use as long as no items are modified in any way, any images or graphics are modified without their accompanying text and that all of our trademarks appear in such material.

5.2 Unless otherwise stated, the copyright and other intellectual property rights in all material on this Website (including without limitation photographs and graphical images) are owned by us. Any use of our website unless for personal use or any reproduction of the material for profit is strictly prohibited. If you breach any of the terms in these terms and conditions, you will be disallowed from using the website or our services further.

5.3 This website may not be reproduced or saved in any other website or included in any private electronic systems without our prior agreement whether by email or in written form.

6. Customer-Provided Material

6.1 Any material you provide to us, such as content and images, becomes the property of M5 Concepts Ltd and can be used in our marketing material in line with our Privacy Policy. We will, however, endeavour to contact you out of courtesy to gain your permission to use the material you submitted in our marketing.

6.2 You are prohibited from posting, sending or using damaging, defamatory, pornographic, hateful or any other inappropriate material on any part of our site. If you do this you will be banned from all further use of our site and the material will be deleted. If a crime has been committed we reserve the right to pass the offending material to the relevant law enforcement agencies as needed.

6.3 You may not use this website by means of hacking

6.4 Any other use not in line with our terms and conditions is prohibited.

7. Links to Other Websites and Third-Party Material

7.1 Any links to third-party material are solely provided as a courtesy to users of the website, any material referencing, tracking or any other activity carried out by third parties is not the responsibility of M5 Concepts Ltd. Use of third party links are at the user’s own risk.

7.2 If you want to link to our website you may do so as long as the link does not replicate the site or cause our customers or users to avoid using our site. The following conditions should also be observed:

  • you do not remove, change or distort our company logo
  • you do not frame this website in another web page in any way
  • your website does not contain offensive material or breach any copyright or other applicable laws such as those relating to intellectual property
  • there is no direct statement or implication that we endorse products or views of any other individuals or companies
  • you do not use any of our trademarks without our permission
  • you do not use websites or means not controlled or owned by you to link to our site or material
  • you agree to fully indemnify us for any loss or damage we or any of our subsidiaries suffer as a result of your breach of any of our aforementioned terms and conditions

8. Customer registration – this is open to any new customer and by registering you agree to us holding your personal information as laid out in our privacy policy. This information will be held securely. Any account must be for a sole individual. Your password security is your own responsibility, we are not held accountable for any breach of the account unless caused by our company. You also understand we may reserve the right to cancel and delete your account or transfer it along with the business at any moment.

9. Goods and Services

9.1 The description of our goods is as set out on our website, or any other form of advertisement. Any descriptions is for illustrative purposes and may vary slightly to the products received. This would only be in relation to size colour or material especially as some of our products contain natural substances such as flowers which are changeable by nature.

9.2 All goods on the website are subject to availability

10. Delivery – We will deliver the goods in line with the selected service as chosen by the customer. For more information on this please see our Delivery Page.

10.1 We will deliver the goods in line with the selected service chosen by the customer. For more information on this please see our Delivery page.

10.2 We will deliver the goods to the delivery location by the time or within the agreed period without undue delay and in any event, not more than 30 days after the day on which the contract is entered into.

10.3 Regardless of events beyond our control, if we do not deliver the goods on time, you can (in addition to any other remedies) treat the Contract at an end if any of the following criteria are met:

• we have refused to deliver the goods
• if delivery on time is essential considering all the relevant circumstances at the time the contract was made
• you said to us before the Contract was made that delivery on time was essential
• after we have failed to deliver on time, you have specified a later period which is appropriate to the circumstances and we have not delivered within that period

10.4 If you treat the Contract at an end, we will (in addition to other remedies) promptly return all payments made under the contract.

10.5 If you were entitled to treat the Contract at an end, but do not do so, you are not prevented from cancelling the order for any goods or rejecting goods that have been delivered and, if you do this, we will (in addition to other remedies) without delay return all payments made under the contract for any such cancelled or rejected goods. If the goods have been delivered, you must return them to us or allow us to collect them from you and we will pay the costs of this.

10.6 If any goods form a commercial unit (a unit is a commercial unit if the division of the unit would materially impair the value of the goods or the character of the unit) you cannot cancel or reject the order for one or more of the goods without also cancelling or rejecting the entire unit.

10.7 We also deliver to addresses outside England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channels Islands. If, however, we accept an order for delivery outside that area, you may need to pay import duties or other taxes, they are not covered by our company.

10.8 You agree we may deliver the goods in instalments if we suffer a shortage of stock or for other genuine and fair reasons, subject to the above provisions and provided you are not liable for extra charges.

10.9 If you or your nominee fail, through no fault of ours, to take delivery of the goods at the delivery location, we may charge the reasonable costs of storing and redelivering the goods.

10.10 The Goods will become your responsibility starting from the completion of delivery or customer collection. You must, if reasonably practicable, examine the goods before accepting them.

11. Liability

11.1 – The Supplier does not exclude liability for: (i) any fraudulent act or omission; or (ii) for death or personal injury caused by negligence or breach of the Supplier’s other legal obligations. Subject to this, the Supplier is not liable for (i) loss which was not reasonably foreseeable to both parties at the time when the Contract was made, or (ii) loss (eg loss of profit) to the Customer’s business, trade, craft or profession which would not be suffered by a Consumer – because the Supplier believes the Customer is not buying the Goods wholly or mainly for its business, trade, craft or profession.

11.2. IF your use of our website causes you any cost, (outside of ordering) then you will bare all cost and we will hold no liability

12. Governing Laws and Jurisdiction

12.1 The contract (including any non-contractual matters) is governed by the law of England and Wales.

12.2 Disputes can be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales or the courts of Scotland or Northern Ireland should the customer live in the territories under their jurisdiction.

12.3 We try to avoid any dispute, the following is our complaints procedure:

  1. Contact customer service with your complaint
  2. We will endeavour to remedy the situation with either a refund or replacement
  3. If the customer, despite all we can reasonably do to solve a complaint, wishes to escalate the issue will be provided with the managing directors’ contact details to further the complaint.

13. SPECIAL OFFERS – Terms will be listed here as needed.

14. For any questions relating to our product offers please contact us directly using any of the methods on our CONTACT page